The Smart Lock Era

If you’re like most people, you open the front door to your home with a key, right? It’s a simple, time tested method that homeowners have relied on for centuries, but like just about everything else, technology is changing things. Enter the smart lock, which got its start as keypad entryways on commercial buildings — you’ve probably seen them at your workplace or bank.

Now wireless locks and digital entry systems are available for residences, and it’s about time. Think about how long people have relied on their smartphones day to day and our society’s fixture on convenient tools, and you’ll realize why switching over to using smart locks makes so much sense sense.

Smart Lock Advantages

There’s one major problem with traditional door locks that the smart lock solves: a pin and tumbler mechanism that can easily be picked. Even the most secure traditional locks can be picked if given enough time and opportunity, but breaking into a door armed with a smart lock is much more difficult.

Smart locks aren’t impenetrable, but it takes a lot more effort for a would-be burglar to get through your digital entry than it would to pick a pin and tumbler lock.

If you’re wondering about aesthetics and fear that your door will end up looking like something out of a sci-fi novel, it’s not a problem. Electronic locks are available in a range of styles and you can easily find one that will blend into your home’s exterior.

Not only do smart locks look nice, they’re super convenient and some come with a range of handy features such as wireless connection, touchscreen pads, and the ability to sync with your home control service. Digital locks also typically come with a power indicator to alert you when the batteries need a change, which usually happens once every year or so.

Imagine being able to simply put your palm to a touchscreen to lock up you house, instead of fumbling with keys. Smart locks are not only hassle free for homeowners, but visitors as well. Say you have in-laws coming into town while you’ll be at work, and you don’t like the idea of leaving a key under the mat.

If you have a smart lock, you can just create a code for them and they can enter your home upon arrival. When they leave town, delete the code — that’s the awesome convenience of having a digital entryway.

Upgrading Your Doors

To make the change and go digital, you don’t need to replace your entire door. Instead, just have the standard lock switched out for a smart lock. To make sure it works flawlessly, it’s best to leave the installation of your new smart lock to a pro.

The door to your home isn’t something you want to take a chance with, and it’s much better to call a locksmith in the first place as opposed to calling one in an emergency because you improperly set up the lock. If you’re on the West Coast and looking to upgrade your home security, I highly recommend going to this locksmith in El Dorado Hills, California. Give smart locks a try, and see how much you love them — you may find yourself wanting one for every room of your house.